PSTC is a North American trade association representing pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape manufacturers and their affiliate suppliers. PSTC members produce over 90% of the $10 billion dollars of the PSA tapes sold in North America.

The Responsible Tape Manufacturer (RTM) Program acknowledges and raises the visibility of PSTC member tape companies that invest in being responsible manufacturers.

PSTC’s RTM Program is uniquely comprehensive and recognizes good manufacturing practices as an integral part of the value that PSTC member tape companies bring to their customers. The program delivers quantifiable differentiation between RTM certified tape companies and all other tape producers.

For more information about PSTC and the RTM Program, contact Michelle Miller, Executive Vice President (630) 696-4016,

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the RTM Program.

Contact: Michelle Miller ( and she can channel the questions to the right committees for answers.