Use of Dibenzoate Plasticizers in Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

William D. Arendt, Emily McBride and Rebecca Hanes
Emerald Kalama Chemical LLC

Plasticizers extend the utility of the polymers in which they are used. Despite already having low Tg’s, waterborne, solvent and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives can utilize plasticizers to enhance performance characteristics. Because of their polarity and range of compatibilities, dibenzoate plasticizers find wide usage in latex adhesives. In recent years new blends and grades of dibenzoates have been developed to enrich the choices available to the formulator. These choices include a new dibenzoate triblend platform. Little has been published on the use of dibenzoate plasticizers in waterborne pressure sensitive adhesives. The purpose of this paper is show how plasticizers function with the soft polymers used in PSA’s and to describe ways in which these plasticizers can be used and how they affect performance attributes. The focus of this presentation will be on the newer dibenzoate products.

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