Video: Fastening

Fastening for Transportation
Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape is ideal for fastening and connecting a wide range of components used in cars, trucks, boats, aircraft and more. 
Every day new applications are being developed where PSA tapes are highly effective. In fact, in many cases they make traditional fasteners like bolts, screws and rivets obsolete.
This is because PSA tapes provide a strong, durable bond that can withstand extreme temperatures and environments—enabling you to easily join composites, plastics and metal. PSA tapes are truly multi-functional because they can:
  • Dampen sound
  • Reduce vibration
  • Seal out moisture and air
  • Help keep corrosion at bay
They also lessen weight and improve product appearance and reliability. In addition, PSA tapes streamline production processes, which saves you time, space and money during product manufacturing or assembly..

The list of potential uses for PSA tapes in transportation is a mile long. See how tape is used in this dynamic industry.
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Because of their viscoelasticity, PSA tapes may allow you to avoid design constraints presented by traditional metal fasteners.
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There are several standardized tests that measure the strength of PSA tapes. This video shows how tape strength is determined.
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The list of potential uses for PSA tapes in construction is virtually endless. Find out how tape is used for construction applications.
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