Frequently Asked Questions

What is pressure sensitive adhesive tape?

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape can be defined as a continuous flexible strip of cloth, paper, metal or plastic coated on one or both sides with a permanently tacky adhesive at room temperature which will adhere to a variety of surfaces with light pressure (finger pressure) with no phase change (liquid to solid) and usually on a roll.

PSAs can be blends of natural or synthetic rubber and resin, acrylic, silicone or other polymer systems, with or without additives.

How can I become a member of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council?
PSTC members are North American tape manufacturers (must have at least one manufacturing facility in North America). Any firm or corporation whose operations are substantially devoted to both manufacturing and selling industry products worldwide can become a member. To apply online, visit

I am a supplier to the PSA industry. Can I join PSTC?
Yes, suppliers can contribute to the advancement of pressure sensitive adhesive tape as an affiliate supplier. To apply online, visit

I'm looking for XYZ tape. Can you help me find it?
The online PSTC Tape Products Directory is found at For a more thorough product search, the Tape Products Directory is available in both print and electronic format in the PSTC Bookstore

When is the Tape Products Directory updated?
A new version of the PSTC Tape Products Directory is published each March following refreshing of material by all member companies.

I'm looking for statistics on pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. Can you provide detail on manufacturing over the last 10 years?
PSTC does not publish industry statistics, but relies on organizations that publish industry data. Current companies publishing industry data include Skeist Incorporated or The Freedonia Group.

Do you sell tape test equipment?
PSTC does not sell equipment, but can direct you to:
Chemsultants International, Mentor, OH; 440.974.3080

How can I be certain to receive notices on PSTC events?
Sign up for PSTC's mailing list via email to; and include your e-mail address as many notices are sent electronically. Remember to add to your address book and to your spam filter whitelist to be sure our communications reach your Inbox.

What payment methods are accepted ?
It is most efficient to pay by credit card (all orders from outside the U.S. must be paid by credit card). PSTC accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Checks drawn on banks inside the U.S. -- payable in U.S. funds -- are accepted as well.

I ordered a publication through your web site. When should I expect delivery?
All publications are available for immediate delivery upon receipt of a prepaid order. It is most efficient to pay by credit card (all orders from outside the U.S. must be paid by credit card). Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping inside the U.S. and 10-20 business days for shipping outside the U.S. Browse PSTC publications and place an order today at

How often are new editions of Test Methods published?
PSTC began publishing this valuable industry reference tool in 1955 and is currently offering the 16th edition (published in March 2014). New editions are published when the PSTC technical committee develops new methods in cooperation with relevant governmental agencies.

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