PSA Tape is used on all major commercial vehicle segments including trucks, emergency vehicles, buses, automobiles, and recreational vehicles? Underneath every vehicle, there is tape working to add value, improve performance or save time. Replace nuts, bolts and rivets with PSA tapes—a lightweight solution that provides uniform stress concentration and exceptional bonding strength.

Tape Works!

  • Strong
  • Fast
  • Multi-functional

See how PSA tape works in the following transportation application videos:

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The list of potential uses for PSA tapes in transportation is a mile long. See how tape is used in this dynamic industry.
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Because of their viscoelasticity, PSA tapes may allow you to avoid design constraints presented by traditional metal fasteners.
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There are several standardized tests that measure the strength of PSA tapes. This video shows how tape strength is determined.
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The list of potential uses for PSA tapes in construction is virtually endless. Find out how tape is used for construction applications.
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