ABI Tape

American Biltrite Inc. - Tape Products Division
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The Tape Products Division of American Biltrite Inc. (ABI Tape) is a global manufacturer of adhesive coated solutions for protective, transfer, sealing, and reinforcement applications.  We develop and manufacture an extensive range of self-adhesive paper, film, cloth, and tape products for various defined markets.  ABI Tape has manufacturing plants in Moorestown, NJ and Lowell, MA (Ideal Tape Company). All products are converted and commercialized worldwide through our channel partners and own organizations in the USA (for the Americas); Belgium and Italy (for Europe) and Singapore, China and South Korea for Asia. 

Markets served:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Graphics
  • HVAC/Insulation
  • Industrial
  • Shoe 
  • Surface Protection

ABI Tape has a positive impact on the industry by representing manufacturing excellence and leadership, as evident through our best practices, ISO 9001:2008 registration and PSTC Responsible Tape Manufacturer certification. We are a global team with a passionate divisional culture rooted in safety, integrity, teamwork, and social responsibility.

Website: www.abitape.com
Company contact information: 856-778-0700


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