Science is the heart of what we do. It’s our inspiration and how we innovate, allowing us to improve products and increase manufacturing productivity.  We apply our adhesive and tape technology to help bring designs to reality, deliver performance peace of mind and collaborate with customers to advance and improve lives.

The primary market segments we serve are:

Transportation, automotive and aerospace
Building & construction
Appliance & electronics
MRO & general industrial
Printing and paper
Medical and personal care products
Packaging and shipping
Converting and distribution
Impact on Tape:
Since inventing Scotch brand masking tape 90 years ago, 3M has become a worldwide leader in both tape innovation and sustainable manufacturing practices. 3M’s Industrial Adhesive & Tape division leverages more than half of the corporation’s core technology platforms to constantly reinvent tapes as vital and easy-to-apply solutions for energy efficiency, packaging, masking, vibration control and heat dissipation, protecting, sealing, splicing, bonding, identifying, joining, bundling and material repair.

3M Lab and Manufacturing Operations around the world constantly challenge the status quo in countless ways, such as developing solvent-free manufacturing processes, clean removal tape technology, improved adhesive systems and backings, test protocols and much more.

WEBSITE: www.3M.com/iatd


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The list of potential uses for PSA tapes in transportation is a mile long. See how tape is used in this dynamic industry.
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Because of their viscoelasticity, PSA tapes may allow you to avoid design constraints presented by traditional metal fasteners.
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The list of potential uses for PSA tapes in construction is virtually endless. Find out how tape is used for construction applications.
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