Paper Based Release Liners by John Theisen, Senior Product Development Engineer, Expera Specialty Solutions
An overview of paper based release liners is provided explaining the differences in product attributes including strengths and weaknesses of each type of liner.  A market breakdown showing the relative share of paper versus filmic release structures and general differences between the two are summarized.  The sustainability aspects of cellulosic wood fiber based release liners are presented as well as the subtle differences between bleached and unbleached (natural) fiber.  Paper based release liners are subcategorized in to machine glazed (MG), machine finished (MF), machine calendered (MC), supercalendered kraft (SCK), glassine, clay coated, and poly coated kraft (PCK).  These classifications are discussed in detail in terms of features and end use benefits.

Selecting Paper-Based Tape Backings by Tom Wengelski, Manager, Sr. Product Development Engineer, Expera Specialty Solutions LLC
Today’s manufacturers invest considerable resources to select the proper backing for a specific application, therefore pressure-sensitive tapes are often designed to meet specific end-use performance criteria. Many advances have been made in adhesive and coating technology, but the substrate still needs to be considered when choosing a tape. The key properties of paper-based backings impact the finished product.

Unique Coatings for Specific End-use Applications by Laura Shadley, Product Development Chemist, Expera Specialty Solutions LLC
Today, many PS Tape manufacturers are pushing their businesses into niche market segments that provide higher profitability. These markets often require unique coatings to meet the performance demands of the application. Understanding the needs of the specific application allows release liner suppliers to pair the right coating formulas with the proper substrate to achieve superior product performance. Some examples of innovative coatings are covered in this article.

About Expera
Expera is a leading North American manufacturer of specialty paper products for use in the pressure-sensitive release liner, industrial and food packaging segments.  Headquartered in Wisconsin, Expera employs approximately 2,000 people across five manufacturing facilities located in Rhinelander, WI, Mosinee, WI, Kaukauna, WI, De Pere, WI, and Old Town, ME.  Additional information regarding Expera, its manufacturing facilities and its product offerings can be found at www.experaspecialty.com.


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