Corporate Overview of Hexion

It's ABOUT US Helping You Succeed
No matter what you make, making it in today's world is tougher than ever. The competition. The cost-cutting. The clamor for innovation. It is a demanding environment to say the least - and one perfect for partnership with Hexion. 
Hexion’s global team — over 5,200 strong — produces the best in specialty chemicals and performance materials and provides the technical expertise to customize them to your exact needs.  The result?  Specific solutions, not generic products, leading to thousands of breakthroughs that improve businesses' bottom lines and customers' lives. In returning to the Hexion name, with its heritage of innovation plus partnership, we want to make a clear, strong statement that we are more serious than ever about helping you succeed. After all, we only make it if you do. We're proud to be Hexion. Helping you make it in today's world.

Overview of Hexion’s Adhesive Business 
For more than 50 years the Adhesives team has been customizing acrylic copolymers for customers across a wide variety of applications.

With divisional headquarters in Roebuck, SC we have operations in the US, Europe and Thailand and are committed to help you succeed.

Our Polymers and Coater-Ready Adhesives for High Performance Tapes
From assembly tapes to specialty tapes, Hexion has the synthesis and application knowledge to assist in your tape development.  Our range of water-based polymers and coater-ready chemistries brings you the right mix of technologies to meet your critical performance requirements.  Be it low surface energy adhesion, solvent replacement, or anything in between, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate to ensure your next product launch is a success.

Company Contact Information:
Division HQ: 200 Railroad Street, Roebuck, SC 29376
Website:  www.hexion.com 
Contact: Mike Watson, Global Marketing Manager Mike.watson@hexion.com


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