PSTC is currently seeking presentations for a new Building and Construction Market and Applications conference track at the Council's annual Tape Summit, taking place May 15-16, 2019 in Baltimore. 

This unique Market and Applications track is designed specifically to address how PSA tapes are used from a building and construction applications standpoint. PSTC is seeking presentations that are focused on PSA tape use in various applications from flooring and roofing to interior design, HVAC, protective/barrier usage, and more. 

Also to be addressed are challenges of using PSA tape (and how to overcome them, such as using tape in conjunction with other bonding methods), recent innovations that make tape use desirable, and solutions found through the use of PSA tape. 

Presentation content can be in the form of case studies or solution-driven narratives that are non-technical and more focused on practical applications. Possible presentation topics for consideration may include:

  • Illustrating how PSA tape is used in flooring and roofing applications, along with potential limitations.
  • Tape used for ice/water shielding and moisture/air/noise abatement.
  • How tape can be used for remodeling and decorative applications (including walls and concrete).
  • Future trends in tape use in building and construction. 

The building and construction track itself will include four segments over the course of a day and half, with each session lasting anywhere from 30-45 minutes and some possibly lasting up to an hour.

Those interested in submitting a presentation can contact PSTC Executive Director Michelle Miller at or via phone: (847) 686-2306. 

The deadline for submissions is Friday, Aug. 29. Applicants will be notified in late fall if their work has been selected.

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