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Relating Artificial Weathering Testing to Service Life Estimation of Acrylic Foam Structural Glazing Tape Systems
Austin, Steven R. (and David M. Burns) (presented by David Burns)

The Changing World of Raw Materials
Brewer, Thomas A.

Nucleobase-Containing Poly(n-butyl acrylate) as Novel Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Cheng, Shijing (Gozde Ozturk, and Timothy E. Long)
Virginia Tech

Applications of Surface Analysis for Elucidating Root Causes of Adhesion Failure
Cole, David A., Ph.D.
Evans Analytical Group

Fumed Silica Use in Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Conn, Rodney (and Anthony Gosselin)
Evonik Degussa Corporation

Wrinkling, Crumpling, and Snapping Surfaces for Adhesion Control
Crosby, Alfred J., Ph.D. (Douglas Holmes, Edwin P. Chan, Ph.D. and Chelsea Davis)
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Sustainability in the Pressure Sensitive Tape Industry
DeGhetto, Dean H.
First Environment, Inc.

Carbon Nanotubes Based Gecko-Inspired Adhesives
Dhinojwala, Ali, Ph.D. (Sunny Sethia , Liehui Gea and Pulickel Ajayan)
University of Akron

Novel UV-PSA for Medical Applications
Erb, Volker, Ph.D. (and Cynthia Cain)
Henkel AG & KGaA

Using Mixed Elastomer Systems to Reduce Costs in Block-Polymer PSA Systems
Hansen, Nestor P.
Cray Valley US

Aspects of Latex Particle Size Control for Improved Water Blush Resistance
Harvey, Scott (and Gary Carlson)
Ashland, Inc.

Technology Advancements in Passive Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems Utilizing Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Polymeric Components
Kanios, David P.
Village of Palmetto Bay, FL

Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Latex Polymers with Improved Auto-Adhesion
Kim, K. Don, Ph.D. (Tibor Pernecker, Ph.D. and Tim Saddow)
OMNOVA Solutions Inc.

Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Having Controlled Placement of Functional Groups
2009 Dahlquist Award Winner
Lester, Christopher L., Ph.D. (and William L. Bottorf)
Avery Dennison

Tape Coating System for Pipeline Corrosion Protection
Mamish, Abboud L.
Berry Plastics Corp.

Slot Die Coating Technology
Miller, Mark David
Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC

Migration of Surfactants in Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Films and the Impact on Performance Properties
Severtson, Steven J., Ph.D. (Helen Xu, Ph.D., Jiguang Zhang, Ph.D., Larry Gwin and Carl Houtman)
University of Minnesota

New Solution Acrylic PSAs for Transfer Tape Applications
Silverberg, Eric, Ph.D.
Henkel Corporation

Antioxidant Optimization in Pressure Sensitive Adhesives using Modulated Thermogravimetric Analysis
Stewart, Cathy D.
Intertape Polymer Group

Flexible Acrylic Foams: Carrier for Specialty Tapes and Beyond
Sundaram, Sekhar (and Matthieu Sonnati)
Dow Adhesives

The Effect of Mineral Oil on Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Tsaur, Tom (and Song Zhu)
Shanghai Frontier Adhesive Technology Co.

The Origin of Critical Relative Humidity in Adhesion
White, Christopher C., Ph.D. (Kar Tean Tan, Ph.D., Bryan D. Vogt, Ph.D. and Donald L. Hunston, Ph.D.)
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Novel Polymer Design for Radiation Curable PSAs
Zhao, Ming (Victor Lu, Leo Ternorutsky, Patrice Mariucci, Sarah Shinkwin, Mark Jason, Jong Guo, and Morris Bingham)
Cytec Specialty Chemicals

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