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PSTC Welcomes New Member Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), a not-for-profit North American trade association for certified pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape manufacturers and affiliate suppliers, is pleased to announce Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc. as a new affiliate supplier member to the Council.
From polymers used to produce pressure sensitive tapes and labels to the finished adhesives that make finger-jointed wood studs more fire resistant, Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc. provides innovative solutions. Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc. offers a broad portfolio of raw materials to formulators of flooring, packaging, and industrial adhesives from natural rosin-based tackifiers and dispersions to acrylic polymers. They also supply structural and joinery adhesives to the wood industry.
For more information about Momentive Specialty Chemicals, please visit www.momentive.com.
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